Friday, November 28, 2014

Stitch from Stash - November Update

November was a pretty good creative month for me.  I spent most of stitchy time on a crochet project that has been in the works for several years.  My deadline was Thanksgiving (yesterday) and I made it with a whole week to spare! It came in conjunction with deadlines completed at work and church too, so once I was finished I hardly knew what to do with myself!  I did start and finish this little piece, which is for a friend who loves Russian Nesting Dolls.

I did contribute to my stash for a new project I'll be working on soon.  I spent $60 on the thread packets for The Victoria Sampler Christmas Village.  I have never worked with silks before, so that will be a fun new adventure!

Four year ago I started a crocheted Creche for each of my siblings (one brother and one sister) and their families.  The first year I did Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus.  I also put together a stables with plastic canvas and felt, and made a separate baby Jesus for each of the nieces and nephews (so they wouldn't fight over him).  The next year I did an angel and donkey.  Last year I did the shepherds and sheep (two of each for each family).  This year was the Wise Men, or the Wise Guys as I came to call them.  My Mother made this nativity for us when we were younger but never got around to making the Wise Men, so I decided to make a batch for her as well!  This was the hardest year by far and I am glad I did not start with the Kings or I never would have done more, they were the hardest and most time consuming of all.  There is still a cow in the pattern I did not make yet, which I may do next year.  The pattern did not include a camel pattern but I really want to try and figure one out to include as well.

Close up of the three King #1s

Close up of the three King #2s

Close of of the three King #3s

Here's the whole gang of nine!