Saturday, December 20, 2014

Stitch from Stash - December Report

I made through December without buying any stash! Unfortunately I also did no stitching.  Work has been super busy, overtime busy. Also, I am the pianist for my church choir and I didn't get the Christmas music until Thanksgiving, so many of my spare moments have been spent polishing those numbers as well as my piano solo for the program tomorrow at church.  I was able to squeeze in some Christmas cookie baking and decorating too!

I have some extra time off from work for the holidays and am hoping I can stitch with some of it.  I'm also Hopi g to paint my bathroom and maybe my bedroom too!

Friday, November 28, 2014

Stitch from Stash - November Update

November was a pretty good creative month for me.  I spent most of stitchy time on a crochet project that has been in the works for several years.  My deadline was Thanksgiving (yesterday) and I made it with a whole week to spare! It came in conjunction with deadlines completed at work and church too, so once I was finished I hardly knew what to do with myself!  I did start and finish this little piece, which is for a friend who loves Russian Nesting Dolls.

I did contribute to my stash for a new project I'll be working on soon.  I spent $60 on the thread packets for The Victoria Sampler Christmas Village.  I have never worked with silks before, so that will be a fun new adventure!

Four year ago I started a crocheted Creche for each of my siblings (one brother and one sister) and their families.  The first year I did Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus.  I also put together a stables with plastic canvas and felt, and made a separate baby Jesus for each of the nieces and nephews (so they wouldn't fight over him).  The next year I did an angel and donkey.  Last year I did the shepherds and sheep (two of each for each family).  This year was the Wise Men, or the Wise Guys as I came to call them.  My Mother made this nativity for us when we were younger but never got around to making the Wise Men, so I decided to make a batch for her as well!  This was the hardest year by far and I am glad I did not start with the Kings or I never would have done more, they were the hardest and most time consuming of all.  There is still a cow in the pattern I did not make yet, which I may do next year.  The pattern did not include a camel pattern but I really want to try and figure one out to include as well.

Close up of the three King #1s

Close up of the three King #2s

Close of of the three King #3s

Here's the whole gang of nine!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Stitch from Stash - October Update

Where did October go? Wasn't it just September yesterday? I didn't get around to any stitching or stash adding this month.  Work exploded into all kinds of crazy busy leaving me very little time at home not sleeping.  When its all said and done I'm hoping the extra time will turn into a new couch!

I've been trying to work on a crochet project for Christmas and now am really behind, so I don't expect much stitching time until that is complete.

I had another episode in Lisa's Clumsy Adventures - I fell off my porch or down the stair (yes just one) and sprained my ankle and bruised and bumped the rest of me. This all happened the moment after I was picked up for a blind date! Still went on the date but I was in a painful haze I think. I honestly don't know how I do things like this to myself!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Stitch from Stash - September Update

September has been a rough a month.  My sweet Grandfather passed away and we had his funeral on Labor Day, all my cousins made it, but it was a bittersweet occasion.  He lived a beautiful, loving, long life.  I'm so grateful he was my Gramps.  I've spent the last two weeks more sick than I ever remember being in my entire life.  Basically it has been the worst unending cold from Hades.  I'm finally starting to feel more like myself.  I did not get any stitching done, but it did add some stuff to my stash!  I got a new Christmas pattern and some fabrics.  I spent $20.

Technology is not being my friend again, so I have no pictures to share now, I will work to add them later.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Stitch from Stash - August Report

August was a busy, busy month for me, and I actually did add a little to my stash :)

I got this Lizzie Kate Flip It and two small heart charms for a grand total of $5! 

I also picked up these supplies to complete some works in progress, and a kit for a friend's belated birthday.

First up I finished the final remaining months in this Lizzie Kate series.  I did all the stitching for June & July, and the final finishes for May & December.  I also "made" the frames.  Meaning I painted and Modge Podged some paper on the front of some Dollar Frames from Michael's.

Close up of the individual months - 




All twelve months done!  
 A nearly three year project to complete.  Each one was not all that time consuming just getting them all done with the rest of life slowed things down.  I'm not especially fond of January or March's frames, so I think I'll be redoing them eventually.  Probably my favorite is February, which is ironic since Pink is one of my lease favorite colors.  I have been using these to decorate my desk at work.

I also kitted up several new projects and even completed one!  I changed the colors to match my inspiration fabric (pictured beside the project) I'm using for putting together my Creative Studio. And that is it - a busy fun month!

July Stitch from Stash Picture

In July I finished the last of these scenes, and designed and stitched the words.  This will be a birthday gift for my Papa.  There are two other scenes that I previously gave him for the last two Christmases.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Stitch from Stash Update - July

July was another zero spending month for me!

I also wrapped up a project I have been working on over the last three years. Technology is not cooperating to attach a picture at the moment. I will work on adding it later.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

June Stitch from Stash Update

June was another month of zero spending for me!

Mostly this month I have been working on settling in.  My new place is smaller than my last, for which I am grateful, but the different configuration and smaller space is taking me longer to get everything put away.

I do have a finish for for the month though!  I stitched another Starry Night Scene, just one left to go!  Here's a picture.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Stitch from Stash - May Update

Another month of ZERO spending has passed!

It was also a month of ZERO INJURY!

Sadly it was zero stitching as well :(

This was due to a couple of factors.  Why my poor thumb is healed from all appearances, the injury took place in such a location that holding needlework is very uncomfortable, or still was the last time I tried.  I also have been moving this month so that in some form or another took up my usual stitchy time.  I'm still in the unpacking/settling in stage but I have high hopes for a productive creative month in June!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Stitch from Stash - April Update

This month I again spent nothing!

Believe it not I found out I prefer sewing through my finger, when compared to the klutzy Lisa move I made this month.  I was making rolls, and sliced through my thumb & nail with the bread knife.  I'm not usually so clumsy but my poor phalanges are telling another story. I am again recovering and plan to have an injury free May! 

Despite my newest injury, I was able to do a little stitching.  See the pic below. A Lizzie Kate Flip It for May.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Stitch from Stash - March Report

So this month I didn't do any stitching or stash buying. Early on this month I had an accident with my sewing machine.  The needle turned on me and went straight through! Luckily just flesh and no bone was involved.  Also thankfully it did not happen with my serger.  I am basically healed now, although I will feel it for awhile, finger tips are so sensitive! It did put a hiccup in additional creative endeavors however.  April will be better!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Stitch from Stash - February Update

In February I made some progress of my oldest WIPs

"Summer Sun" from "Stitcher's World" January 2006 is my oldest WIP.

Here is where I started -

And here is where I ended up -

I pretty much hate working on black fabric, I did a bunch of flowers on black fabric years ago and more than had my fill of working with it.  Sometimes I wonder why I even picked this up, ha ha.  Also, in progress the face is a bit creepy, it is looking less creepy as I go though.  I will be happy when this is complete!  I have had my fill of working on this one for awhile.

This one is probably my next oldest WIP "Fall Trees" from "Cross-Stitch & Needlework" November 2010.

I started with the mostly filled in bar on the top and filled in everything below.

This was my new start of the month Lizzie Kate's April Flip-It, Blocks with Charm.  I finished all the stitching just need to add the charm and put it in the frame.

My stash addition was a new Lizzie Kate flip it.  I came in the month at $4.04.  Ironically I misplaced it so I can not share a photo at the moment.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Stitch from Stash January Update

From my Stash this past month I completed three scenes from The Prairie Schooler's  "Starry Night".  I have two left. They will all be for my Papa's Christmas gift this year.  I had previously finished two, one each for the past two Christmases.

I also completed Mt. Rainier Santa, from a Mill Hill kit I picked up a few years ago.

I did increase my stash by the Lizzie Kate Pattern below.  It was $4.04 not including tax or shipping.

My Birthday was the end of December, I received a gift card for Hobby Lobby, this is what I picked up with it.
This month a couple of things took me away from stitching, I also did some cake decorating. The tree cupcakes were for a friend who just adopted three children. The tree is honor of their family shrub growing into a tree. The Olaf Snowman, was for the daughter of a friend from work.


Sunday, January 12, 2014

Stitching of a Different Variety

Each of my nieces received a doll from Grandma for Christmas 2013. One of them has birthday this week. She absolutely adores Miss Minnie so I decided to put this together for her this weekend. I am pleased with the outcome and hope she is as well.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

First Finish of 2014

So it has been a while.  While the blog has been neglected my stitching has not.  I'm working on a catch up post.  In the mean time here is my first finish of the new year.  It is a Mill Hill Kit - Mt Rainier Santa.  I worked at Mt Rainier several years ago, so when I saw this kit I knew it needed to be added to my collection!