Monday, August 25, 2014

Stitch from Stash - August Report

August was a busy, busy month for me, and I actually did add a little to my stash :)

I got this Lizzie Kate Flip It and two small heart charms for a grand total of $5! 

I also picked up these supplies to complete some works in progress, and a kit for a friend's belated birthday.

First up I finished the final remaining months in this Lizzie Kate series.  I did all the stitching for June & July, and the final finishes for May & December.  I also "made" the frames.  Meaning I painted and Modge Podged some paper on the front of some Dollar Frames from Michael's.

Close up of the individual months - 




All twelve months done!  
 A nearly three year project to complete.  Each one was not all that time consuming just getting them all done with the rest of life slowed things down.  I'm not especially fond of January or March's frames, so I think I'll be redoing them eventually.  Probably my favorite is February, which is ironic since Pink is one of my lease favorite colors.  I have been using these to decorate my desk at work.

I also kitted up several new projects and even completed one!  I changed the colors to match my inspiration fabric (pictured beside the project) I'm using for putting together my Creative Studio. And that is it - a busy fun month!

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