Monday, October 27, 2014

Stitch from Stash - October Update

Where did October go? Wasn't it just September yesterday? I didn't get around to any stitching or stash adding this month.  Work exploded into all kinds of crazy busy leaving me very little time at home not sleeping.  When its all said and done I'm hoping the extra time will turn into a new couch!

I've been trying to work on a crochet project for Christmas and now am really behind, so I don't expect much stitching time until that is complete.

I had another episode in Lisa's Clumsy Adventures - I fell off my porch or down the stair (yes just one) and sprained my ankle and bruised and bumped the rest of me. This all happened the moment after I was picked up for a blind date! Still went on the date but I was in a painful haze I think. I honestly don't know how I do things like this to myself!

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